Hey there! Thanks for being here! Do you want to know what this is all about?

We offer photoshoots to you and your best Fluffy best Friend.

We are two friends, Lila and Andrea, both photographers, mad about dogs,
who would love to give you high quality memories with your beloved ones.

Hello, my name is Lila. I’m a journalist and I worked many years for magazines and newspapers as a photojournalist.
After being assistent in a professional studio and had some amazing experiences in fashion industry I opened my own studio
and worked for years with artificial light. After moving around some countries I could developed sobre autoral projects and have them exhibited.

The doggo in the picture was Toddy. An super energetic cocker spaniel that was crazy for coconut.

I recently adopted a Frenchie, Oscar, and oh, boy, he stole our hearts! I can’t see our lives without him anymore…
Not to mention our neighbor’s cat that comes everyday for a little snuggle. I am here combining photography with love.
Let’s say, double love!



I’m Andrea, a Natural Light, Family Photographer for about 10 years now. My background in Design and
Art Direction took me to this incredible world that is Photography, that I’m so in love.

Here you see Babi, my first pet, my old Irish Setter that taught me what
love was all about. She was always happy, always smiling and always ready to play.

She would never be angry with someone, ever. If I could describe her,
she was pure love. She made indeed my childhood to be over special…